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  • Product name: Popular Leather Bed J211

  • Product name: Popular Leather Bed J211
  • Product code: J211
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Model No: J211 1. Style: modern, fashion and concise. 2. Material: A. Dried and Fumigated timber for the bed frame B. Headboard: Imported genuine leather. Sideboard and footboard: PVC C. High density sponge. D. First class stainless steel for metal accessories 3. Character: A. Attractive design B. Comfortable, elegant and endurable. C. Easy to assemble and maintain. 4. Bedding: 1. Material: 100%cotton. 2. Sizes as per client's specifications or our bed specifications. 3. Embroidered design, Jacquard embroidered design, printed and embroidered design are available, perfectly match the leather bed in style and color 4. Good fabric quality and good printing & embroidered quality 5. Nightstand 1. Material: MDF plate and/or cover with leather 2. Smooth guide rail, first class flat steel to ensure the quality. 4. Perfectly match the leather bed in style and color 6. Packing: Headboard: 1carton, bedsides: 2cartons footboard: 1 carton, slat 1 carton. Each piece of bed is wrapped in a bubble bag and packed in standard export cardboard carton lined with pearl foam 7. Delivery details: 20 days after receiving deposit